He came to Japan from Finland with no purpose. Will he get a good job? (Part 12)

There are quite a few foreigners who come to Japan to clarify their purpose, but as I introduce this time, there are foreigners who come to Japan without having a purpose that seems to be the purpose and not thinking too deeply. He worked for a pulp company in Finland, but came to Japan to recruit japanese forestry workers. In Finland, english classes start in the third grade, so he can speak Finnish and English. However, he has not received any training in Japanese in Finland, so he can’t speak Japanese at all. It is coming to Japan which seems to be reckless. If a foreigner can speak English, if it is intellectual labor rather than work-centered work, there are many restrictions in Japan where they can work.


☆For foreigners to find a job and work in Japan, it is difficult to work and work unless you have to “japanese level level 3 or higher”. You can’t communicate at work in terms of greetings or everyday conversation. At least about 5W1H should be able to speak and hear again.

Here, 5W1H is what, Why, Who, When, Where, and How.


Finnish forestry is classified into two categories, producing paper, cardboard and pulp in chemical forestry (paper and pulp industry), and producing wooden products in mechanical forestry (lumber, lathe processing, plywood bonding). He seemed to be working in the bleaching process of a pulp company. It seems to have obtained the recruitment information of the forestry worker in Japan from the pulp company

What kind of work do you want to do? Can you work locally?

What surprised him was that he didn’t know what profession he was going to do or what he would do. Only “forestry worker” answer is returned in English. He didn’t seem to think much.

When I inquired about his work at the job, his work was cut and unloaded by electric saws of wood, cutting tree branches, mowing lawns around him, monitoring the forest, and patrolling.

There are a lot of situations of all-you-can-do roughness now in the mountain in Japan, and it is said that this will be maintained even a little.


If you don’t understand Japanese, you won’t be able to work, so you should provide the minimum amount of Japanese language education from the standpoint of supporting foreigners.

It was a request of wanting to work in the locale soon from tomorrow as a request of the employment destination, but it was an answer that it was said that it might be impossible because Japanese cannot be done at all, and it was an answer that it was said that it would wait for one week.

As a result of the negotiations, we secured a one-month japanese language education preparation period.

Also, the problem occurred. He has little money. Without stopping, we offered a cheap room in the city’s government buildings.


☆ Foreigners, you need the least source of money to manage to live for at least half a year. This is the period of japanese language training and the period until you get a job and become stable.

Response to our Foreign Support Office

He couldn’t speak Japanese at all, so he spent the past month teaching him how to get started and study Japanese.

The level of hiragana classroom and kanji introduction class was strictly educated so that it could be mastered.

He also persuaded the importance of communication with the community. The use of this is to help you in times of trouble.

One month later, he checked his Japanese level and, although disappointing, was level 2. With this, the uneasiness of the communication in work remains.

I urged him to study Japanese on his own while working.

His work at the new “forest management company”

As for his work at the forest management company, he was given japanese materials on the first day, but he had no idea. There is no educational management program for him. To work in Japan, you need to understand Japanese. It is not possible to work in Japan if Japanese is not understood. There are few businesses that teach Japanese politely. It can be said that it is severe in such respect. Japanese small and medium-sized enterprises often do not have work manuals or operating standards. It is usual to think that there is no English version etc. much more. On the other hand, in large companies, there are also manuals, which are naturally translated into English.

He practiced the cutting and unloading work of the dead tree by the electric saw of the wood on the site from the next day, the cutting work of the branch of the tree by using the row on the top of the tree, the lawn cutting work around, the monitoring work of the forest, and the patrol, etc. about the senior. Even if it is said the practice, it only remembers it by seeing and imitating the work that the senior does.

However, it was not possible to work alone though these work was able to be managed when working with the senior.

The work that he was not good at is how to handle the electric saw (there are various types, and how to handle it all different), how to unload the wood (it was not well understood in a japanese original method), how to climb the tree and cut the branch, how to climb the tree with a rope,

it was the arrangement of the lawn after the lawn mowing work, the monitoring work of the forest, and the patrol, etc.

He might have understood a little if there was “Law of cause and result”, and there was an explanation of the purpose and the result of the work about each work. It is that an old way and the idea remain, and it is followed to have common in agriculture, the fishery, and forestry which is the primary industry of Japan. If his Japanese level was at least three or more, he might have looked a little different. And he had never seen any of this kind of work in Finland, and he had no experience. Such a thing might have influenced the following accident, too.

Accident that suddenly struck him

☆Aggravated rash and contact wounds to his skin

Working in the mountains, he was exposed to the resin fluid of wood, the wounds associated with contact with the skin by the tip of the leaves and the leaves of the leaves of the leaves, and the liquid of lacquer and so on in about 10 days. His skin swelled up. Then, it is not possible to walk and it is not possible to work. Even ordinary people encounter this situation when they work in the mountains, but after three months they become immune and be able to work without hesitation.

However, it was severe in his case.

☆Foot injury caused by slip in work immediately after the rain

In the wood transport work on the sloped surface of the mountain, he accidentally caught his foot on the stump and slipped about 15m downwards. As a result, his leg was unable to walk for a week because of a bruise. It is said that there was attention many times from the senior to pay attention to work after rain.

It is likely that he didn’t understand Japanese well enough.

That’s why he came to a forest management company and couldn’t work in less than a month. There was a telephone call of the consultation from the person in charge of the forest management company. It was a content that it was not possible to take care any more because it was a small business inside.

Looking for a new job for him

When the wound of the leg and the rash of the skin healed, there was a request from him, too and it met him at “Forest management company”. (Since he is not a full-time employee, the guarantee of work is one month. In the first year, it is the treatment of the apprentice employee. )

The purpose was to find the next job. Can you find a place where foreigners who can’t speak Japanese enough and don’t communicate with people enough to work?

It was!!!

It is a “security guard” at the construction site.

The job of a security guard

The “security guard” at the construction site is a stand-off office from morning till night. In summer, it can exceed 40°C, and in winter it is a job with snow flickering.

It is a workplace in a severe environment because it is always to wear a helmet.

However, although there are few words to speak, it is essential to be aware of safety because it is always dangerous.

Examples of words; “Be careful and pass”, “Walk on the right side”, “Back back!” O’Rei

“I can’t get through from here”, “Be careful at your feet”, and so on. That’s why, after checking his body for a medical examination, he decided to work for a security guard company.

It was good. It was treatment of the apprentice for half a year.

The difficulty of working at night

He immediately received three days of training at a security company and got a job at a construction site. This looks easy work though. It is characterized by irregularities in the period of one to one year at the site dispatched. Moreover, there is night work, too. Especially at night, although there is less interaction with people, it is necessary to take care of safety thoroughly. Night shifts have to take a break or sleep during the day, especially in the summer.

Advice to him

☆ I advised him to always pay attention to the following three states no matter what workplace you work in. It is necessary to prepare from usual.

Steady state; Try to gain as many experiences as possible!

Non-stationary state; Answering the phone, responding when you have a cold or when you are not feeling well.

Emergency conditions; Continue to study Japanese. Especially, it becomes japanese level 3 or higher. Review is important. Is to repeat dozens of times. I’m sure there will be a way.

Continue to study Japanese. Especially, it becomes japanese level 3 or higher. Review is important. Is to repeat dozens of times. I’m sure there will be a way.

At the end

In this way, he managed to find his place in the “security guard” at the construction site. A few years later, he made the most of his Ability to Speak English and turned into English, including a manual for “security guards” at a construction site. The result that he studied Japanese seriously came out. It was good!! After that, the number of foreigners who were “security guards” increased little by little.


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