I came to Japan in search of a quiet and peaceful place (Part 4)

When a foreigner comes to Japan, he or she will come to Japan for various purposes, thinking about various things for various reasons.

This time, I will introduce the case of a Chinese elderly couple who want to spend the rest of their lives quietly.

The origin of the country called Japan

Japan is a country of Confucian ism. It is a peaceful country that does not like conflict. This has been transmitted through the recommendation from China. For example, buddhism came to Japan, which was only shintoism, as it was a long time ago. Then, both came to think about coexistence and co-prosperity, and to “God and Buddha mixture” in the course of time though there was a conflict between both at first.

God and Buddha, who had completely different ideas, made peace. In addition, because Japan is a farming nation, unlike hunting peoplelike the West, the way of thinking is different. For example, suppose you have a package of lunch boxes in the rice field. In Japan, there is an implicit rule that you should not take it because it is the one of the farmer who works nearby.

However, it is not thought that it is good even if it takes it and it eats because this is god’s grace like the hunting race.


Well, the life of the old couple began in Japan My grandmother was running a restaurant in China, so she had a little savings. My grandfather is a translator who uses the Internet at home and translates Chinese into English.

I don’t seem to be in trouble with my life. However, they don’t know Japanese, and even if they speak, they are only a few words. After about a month or so, they began to think that something was missing or that they were isolated in the area.


So, I came to the nearest “Foreign Support Office” to talk to him. “Even if you say “good morning” to someone nearby in the morning, no one will respond. It is indifferent. There is no answer. Why is this?

stage 1 Greetings

It’s because I don’t know that there are two of them. Did you say hello to the neighborhood? In Japan, the neighborhood is next to the front three houses. It’s not too late, so please go and greet me with a simple souvenir. Moreover, it is likely to be convenient later if it says to the chairman’s house in the town and the face is put out. It is important to let everyone know that there are two. Japanese people don’t talk to people they don’t know, and they don’t say hello.

If anything, try to avoid it. Anyway, I don’t panic, don’t give up, don’t rush.

stage 2 Having contact with the local community

We have a dinner party at the community center once a month, so why don’t you make the best use of your Chinese cooking skills to cook? My grandmother ordered ingredients, ingredients, seasonings, etc. from China, made 10 dishes and gave them Chinese food.

However, there were about ten participants, and more than half of the dishes were left. It takes a lot of time, effort and money. It takes a lot of manpower and time to prepare for the venue.

But why did this happen?

stage 3 Think here

In Japan, there is a saying that you should grow small and grow up large. Don’t panic, don’t give up, don’t rush and try again. Now think carefully, think about it in more, and improve it. This is not a big China. It is a small country town in the island country.

It is important to have a good idea of yourself.

◇Narrow down to a few items (choose from dumplings, grilled rice, pork buns, soup, etc.)

◇Materials are not ordered from outside land, but are covered in the neighborhood (local, local, locally erased)

◇As cheap as possible (collect expenses if necessary so as not to become a deficit)

◇ As simple as possible

Japanese version type 1 coin dish

I narrowed it down to just one of the pork buns, and purchased the ingredients at a nearby supermarket, and seasoned them in a Japanese style.

To avoid the deficit, I made a membership fee of 500 yen per coin. What about now? I had never eaten such a good taste. So 100 people gathered.


With this opportunity, the next was grilled rice, and the next was a good reputation, followed by a grilled sale.

At the end

In this way, she is heard not only from this city but also from neighboring cities, and she is holding a “Chinese One Coin Class”. It seems that the husband also cooperates by driving the car.

It was good, it was good, and it was happy and it was happy.


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