Kamakura and Eno Shima

Kamakura and Eno Shima

Less than an hour away from Tokyo is the traditional, seaside town of Kamakura, old capital of Japan and a popular tourist destination.

Kamakura is one of the best places in and around Tokyo to experience medieval Japan’s architecture and atmosphere. It is most famous for its daibutsu, or giant Buddha statue, and you certainly shouldn’t miss that if it’s your first time in the town. It’s a great photo spot and you can even go inside the statue, though there isn’t much there.

I personally like just walking around some of the quieter areas in the town and visiting a few temples along the way, preferably stopping at one of the those that serve green tea and Japanese sweets. A short nap on the tatami after a long walk is the cherry on top. There are too many temples to talk about here, and probably too many for a single visit, so choose the ones that look most interesting to you.

While Kamakura is not a big city, it is quite spread out, so if you don’t want to walk long distances, cycling is also a great and very pleasant option. If you don’t feel like exercising, there are some buses connecting the different spots.

Along it’s Main Street near the station there are plenty of restaurants and food stands where you can have anything from sushi to shaved ice. If you want to spend some time at the sea after your temple visits, Yuigahama beach is nearby.

Not far from Kamakura is Eno Shima, a small island connected with the mainland by a bridge. You cat get to Eno Shima from Kamakura with the Enoshima Electric Railway (popularly known as Enoden) line, a cute train that runs along narrow streets and the sea, and worth a ride in and of itself.

Eno Shima island, while quite small, offers a good variety of things to do and places to visit. It’s most famous for its shrine, its park, and its caves, all worth checking out if you have an hour or two to spare. But what I like most about the little island is the climb to the top, along traditional Japanese streets and shops, as well as the view from the observation tower there. From here you’ll see the beach and the town, and is well worth the asking price. You can access all the different tourist attractions in Enoshima for a thousand yen with ticket called Enopass.

All in all, visiting Kamakura and Eno Shima will make for a great day off and a great way to get a taste of old Japan.

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