Earthquakes in Japan

The worst fear for foreigners in Japan would be an earthquake. An average of 1500 earthquakes shake Japan every year; some you may not even feel them, and some cause devastated results. Here is some information if you face an earthquake in Japan.


Most of the time, Japanese earthquakes are not serious; thus after few experiences, you would get used to them.  However, it is advisable to prepare yourself for a serious one, if you are not familiar with history of serious Japanese earthquakes.


Anywhere in Japan has a chance to get a serious earthquake; there is no exception or safe area from it. The risk from an earthquake would be different in suburban areas and urban areas or if you are inland or costal areas.


Obviously, in costal areas, a tsunami after an earthquake is equally dangerous as the earthquake itself. In urban areas, fire after an earthquake causes more damage than actual earthquake sometimes. So it is important to know the basic procedures when you face a serious earthquake in Japan.


With the latest technology, an earthquake can not be predicted. Once a big earthquake happens, you need to evacuate under something you can be protected from things that falling on you! Like under the table is the common place. If you are at an open space; crouch down, so you do not fall. If you are outside and surrounded by buildings, make sure you cover your head and evacuate somewhere you are safe from falling glasses or objects from the buildings.


Once the initial shake would stop, observe others what are they doing, if you see someone who may need assistance and you can give one, please do! Do not panic! If you are in costal area, go higher ground. If you are in urban area, the modern building is more equipped or designed to accommodate bigger earthquakes thus they might be the best place to evacuate. Moreover, if you are at home, you need to know where to evacuate in advance; you can do this by asking the local council or even landlord.


When you leave your house or staying in, you need to check your gas; and close the valve just in case of the leak.


It is wise in Japan, to choose furniture and decorate the house with thoughts for an earthquake. Do not store things which can fall on you, on the top of your furniture.


It is a good idea to have an emergency bag for natural disaster; which you can buy from an online store. Check them regularly with expiry dates for its food. Just eat them before and replace them regularly.


Japanese people are trained to handle earthquakes from very young age. They do earthquake drills as well as fire drills.  A lot of Japanese primary schools ask their parents to buy a disaster prevention headscarf for their own children. This is also available to purchase online.

If you are prepared, you would not have to panic! So please think about it and talk about this with your friends and family members!



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