While the most famous burger restaurant chains in the world are from the US, there are a few that you’ll only see in Japan.

My absolute favorite hamburger chain not just in Japan, but anywhere in the world, is MOS Burger. If you live here, you will probably have seen this restaurant everywhere. It is currently the second biggest burger chain in the country, behind McDonald’s, and has recently expanded overseas, so you can also find it in some other Asian countries, as well as Australia.
MOS stands for Mountain, Ocean, Sun, and is pronounced “moss” (not Moe’s!). The hamburgers are more expensive than the ones McDonald’s serves – though Micky D’s burgers are also considerably smaller, at least in Japan. The patty is definitely made of higher quality meat than that of its immediate competitor. The secret, though, resides in its sauce. I’m not sure what’s in it – their website says they add beef and pork taste to it – but it surely gives it its own identity.

Eating a MOS burger can be quite a mess, but that’s the price to pay for its delicious sauciness. Make sure you keep the burger firmly in the wrap and wipe your mouth after you’re done, because chances are you’ll have smeared the sauce all over your face. Yum!

The menu is quite varied and, apart from its staple MOS Burger, includes spicy burgers, teriyaki burgers, rice burgers, veggie burgers (the patty is still meat), chicken, and so on. You can also get double burgers – I particularly like a double spicy MOS cheese burger, though I can never remember the full name and tend to put the four adjectives in whatever order, confusing the staff every time.

The fries are thicker and softer than those of McDonald’s or Lotteria (another local chain), so if you’re a fan of crispy, thin fries, these are not for you. They do offer mayonnaise, unlike some other restaurants, so if you love fries with ketchup and mayonnaise like me, you’re in luck.

If you’re in the country and want to try a local hamburger, I can’t recommend MOS Burger enough. I’ve been to McDonald’s exactly three times in the last seven years, and I probably go to MOS Burger that much in a single month. Give it a try!


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