NHK TV Subscription/ License

Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai, (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is  Japanese national broadcasting company. It is primarily funded by viewers’ payment but Japanese government also contribute to some of their annual budget. In this article, people can find out more about Japanese TV license.

Japanese TV license Fee

Currently standard TV license fee has two types: terrestrial service and satellite service. Prices for both services are different depending on the way of payments and payment plans. The cheapest fee would be the 12 months advance payment for the terrestrial service by the bank transfer and the card payment. The fee is currently 13,990 Yen. The price is followed by 7,190 Yen for 6months, and 2,520 Yen for 2 months. The satellite service is more expensive, 24,770 Yen for 12 months, 12,730 Yen for 6 months and 4,460 Yen for 2 months. Viewers are also able to make their payments using their payment slips; however, the fee is slightly more.

Unknown Discounts for Japanese TV license

There is an unknown family discount for the TV license. A family who residences in more than one place would get the discount; for example, a student living away from home for the university and a father living away from home for work. However, this discount is only applied after 6 week of the initial registration.

Another discount is available  for cable TV subscribers.

There is also a discount for residents who live near an army base.

There are more discounts for Japanese nationals who are on social benefits, disability registry and victims of natural deserters.

Do I have to pay Japanese TV license?

All Japanese residents who own TV, PC with TV receivers and any devices with One seg, are obligated to pay Japanese TV license.

Unpaid Japanese TV license

Embarrassingly, one in five Japanese household are not paying their license fees. This is the result of that there are many scandals  and unclear matters relating to Japanese TV license. Japanese law does not have clear saying about the TV license and there are many court cases with different outcomes.

Since 2006, NHK started to chase after people who have overdue fees. NHK took them to court and some were ordered to pay their overdue fees.

There are many back ways to avoid this (apparently).  However, it is safe to pay your fee if you watch Japanese programs.

Do I have to pay Japanese TV license, even though I do not watch them?

If a TV is connected to Japanese TV system (aerial and satellite ) the TV owner is required to pay the license fee.

How to stop Japanese TV license contract

People are able to stop their TV license subscriptions. You need a canceling form from NHK. You may need to prove the reason of cancelation; it is recommended to keep a receipt of recycling or dispose of TV. They might even come to your home to check that you do not own any other devices.


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