Annual Paid Leave

When do paid holidays become usable in Japan ?:有給休暇はいつから使える?

The Labor Standards Law stipulates the annual paid leave system so that employees may take leave at any time and enjoy a pleasant life.
Under this system, if you have worked continuously at a company for six months since starting and has worked at least 80% of the working days during this time (days when they have to come to work), you can take a minimum of 10 days paid leave; following this, more paid leave can be taken according to the number of years that you have worked at same the workplace.


An employer shall grant annual paid leave of 10 working days, either consecutive or divided up into portions, to an employee who has been employed continuously for 6 months calculated from the day of hiring and who has reported for work on at least 80%of the total working days  (Article 39).
使用者しようしゃは、その雇入やといいれのから起算きさんして 6ヶ月かげつかん継続勤務けいぞくきんむ全労働日ぜんろうどうびの 8 わり以上いじょう出勤しゅっきんした労働者ろうどうしゃたいして、継続けいぞくし、また分割ぶんかつした10労働日ろうどうび有給休暇ゆうきゅうきゅうかをあたえなければならない (第 39 条)

Part-timers can also take annual paid leave depending on the number of their working days, even if their fixed working days are relatively few. Even though the contract period of employment is for one month or 3 months, if employees have worked for more than 6 months as a result of renewal of contacts, they may take annual paid leave.

アルバイトの人など、はたらくが少なくても、はたらいた日数にっすうに応じて、有給休暇ゆうきゅうきゅうかがもらえます。契約期間けいやくきかんが 1ヶ月かげつや 3 ヶ月かげつのような場合ばあいでも、契約を更新こうしんして 6 ヶ月かげつ以上いじょうはたらいた場合は、有給休暇がもらえます。

The number of paid holidays is as follows:有給休暇ゆうきゅうきゅう日数にっすう

The number of paid holidays is as follows:

You may request paid leave anytime but may be asked by his or her employer to change the date(s) of the leave if his or her absence in the requested period would interfere with the normal operation of the enterprise.
Paid holidays can be taken within 2 years from when it was allowed, but you can’t take it after the day of resignation.

有給休暇ゆうきゅうきゅう権利けんりは、付与ふよされた日から 2 年間ねんかん有効ゆうこうです。退職たいしょくしてから取得しゅとくすることはできません。

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