Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance Law:労働者災害補償保険法 ~ 日本の労働関係法令 ~

In Japan, the following laws and regulations related to labour standards apply (extract):

5 Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance Law:
5 労働者災害補償保険法 ~ 日本の労働関係法令 ~

(1) Under the scheme of compensation insurance for industrial accidents, if a worker is injured or dies as a result of a work injury or commuting injury, the following benefit shall be given based on the request by the injured worker of his/her bereaved family.

・In case medical treatment is necessary, expenses for recovery or medical treatment shall be paid free of charge
………….  Medical treatment (compensation) benefit

・In case the workers cannot receive wages due to medical treatment, 80% of the basic benefit amount per day for each day from the fourth day of medical treatment
…… Absence from work (compensation) benefit

・If, after recovery from injury, any disability of a certain degree remains, a pension of lump sum shall be paid depending on the degree of disability
…….. Disability (compensation) benefit

・If the worker dies, a pension of lump sum in accordance with the number of bereaved family members, etc. shall be paid
…….Bereaved family (compensation) benefit, etc.

(2)”Work injury” refers to an injury suffered by a worker, etc,. due to a job-related reason.

(3)”Commuting injury” refers to a worker’s an injury suffered by a worker while commuting to work.

“Commuting” refers to the following transfers made by the worker in connection with commuting to work via a reasonable route and by reasonable method:「通勤」とは、労働者が、就業に関し、次の移動を、合理的な経路及び方法により行うことをいいます。

・Transfers between the residence and workplace
・Transfers from a workplace to another workplace
・Transfers between the residence at a pl ace of temporary dispatch without family and the worker’s home residence.


You are not allowed to receive medical care for any illness or injury resulting from “Work injury” and “Commuting injury”, by using health insurance card.
Health insurance system in Japan:健康保険制度
Please report  to your company about an accident and the any illness or injury.


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