Industrial Safety and Health Law:労働安全衛生法 ~ 日本の労働関係法令 ~

In Japan, the following laws and regulations related to labour standards apply (extract):

4 Industrial Safety and Health Law:4 労働安全衛生法 ~ 日本の労働関係法令 ~

(1) An employer shall take measures provided for by law such as ensuring the functioning of safety devices, wearing of protective equipment, and provision of instructions on adequate work procedures, in order to protect workers from dangers or damage to health.

Furnishing covers, fences, etc. at the openings of places for work at a height Furnishing press/wood working machines with appropriated safety apparatus and checking said machines and apparatus.

(2) An employer shall upon employing new workers, or upon changing the content of work assigned to workers, provide necessary training for the worker with regard to safety and health at work/ Where an employer intends to assign workers to dangerous or harmful jobs prescribed by law, the employer shall provide special training.

(3)An employer shall not assign workers to jobs that involve handling dangerous and harmful substances designated as dangerous or determined by law, with the exception of workers who have appropriate qualifications.

Works prescribes by law………..
Operation of cranes (with lifting load of five tons or more)
Operation of mobile cranes (with lifting load of one ton or more)
Slinging operation (pertaining to crane, etc. with lifting load of one ton or more
Operation of cargo handling machines such as a forklift (with maximum load of one tone of more)
Gas welding, operating vehicle-type construction machines (with base machinery mass of three tons of more), etc.

(4) An employer shall, upon employing new workers or for each period of time as provided for by law, arrange for the workers to undergo a medical examination conducted by a physician regarding the items prescribed by law.

・General medical examination :  A medical examination of workers shall be implemented at the time of employment and on regular occasions (once a year*), etc.
*For workers engaged in night work, etc., at the time of reassignment and once every six months.

・Special medical examination : Medical examination regarding special mattes of workers engaged in hazardous work* shall be implemented at the time of employment, reassignment and on regular occasions.
*Workers who have been engaged in work for handling asbestos, etc. who are currently employed shall also be subject to this examination.

(5) For long-time workers, an employer must take necessary measures such as face-to face guidance by a medical doctor, etc

・In case the total length of overtime work and work on days off by a worker exceeds 100hours per month and the worker requests ………….Obligation
・In case the total length of overtime work and work on days off by a worker exceeds 80hours per month and the worker requests  ………….Obligation to endeavor
・In case the situation falls under the standard prescribed by the workplace …………. Obligation to endeavor

(6) Workers shall abide by the necessary matters in accordance with the measures taken by the employer.


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