Employment Contracts Act:労働契約法 ~ 日本の労働関係法令 ~

In Japan, the following laws and regulations related to labour standards apply (extract):

2 Employment Contracts Act:2労働契約法 ~ 日本の労働関係法令 ~

(1) Dismissal in case of an employment contract without any provision for definite term (article 16):期間の定めのない労働契約の場合の解雇
Any case of dismissal lacking objectively reasonable grounds and which is deemed inappropriate based on social conventions shall be considered abusing a right, and be null and void.

(2) Dismissal in case of a terminable at-will employment contract (employment contract with provision for definite term)(Paragraph 1 of Article 17):有期労働契約(期間の定めのある労働契約)の場合の解雇
An employer shall not dismiss workers during the term of contract without any unavoidable reason.
The validity of dismissal shall be judged more closely with than in the case of a labour contract without a definite period.

If a dispatch of worker contract has been terminated before its expiration, it shall not immediately constitute an unavoidable reason to dismiss the relevant dispatched workers.

(3)Converting to a labour contract without a definite period(Article 18):)無期労働契約への転換
In case a labour contract for a defined period has ben repeatedly renewed with the same employer for a period exceeding five years, such labour contract shall be converted to a labour contract without a definite period upon the request of the worker concerned.


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