Online Visa application starts in Japan.

The residence application procedures go online:在留資格手続きのオンライン化

The Ministry of Justice announced “the online residence application procedures” on March 29th, 2019.


Eligible statuses of residence(対象になる在留資格)

The statuses of residence under Appended Table of the Immigration Control Act (excluding “Diplomat”, “Specified Skilled Worker” and “Temporary Visitor”) are eligible.



Subjected online applications (対象になる手続き)

  1. Application for “Permission for Extension of the Period of Stay(在留期間更新許可申請)

2. Application for “Re-entry Permission” to be submitted at the same time as the permission in 1.(1.と同時に行う再入国許可申請)

3. Application for “Permission to Engage in an Activity Other Than that Permitted under the Status of Residence Previously Granted” to be Residence Previously Granted” to be submitted at the same time as the permission in 1.(1.と同時に行う資格外活動許可申請)


The eligible users(対象となる利用者)

The following persons who have received a request from the foreign national or his/her statutory agent.


Staff member of the foreign national’s organization of affiliation, which meets certain requirements such as appropriately employing foreign nationals and fulfilling its obligation to submit a notification on the employment status of foreign nationals.

In cases of technical intern training supervised by an organization, a staff member of the supervising organization can use.

An attorney or certified administrative procedures legal specialist who has received a request from the above-mentioned organization of affiliation.






Benefit of the online system(オンライン申請のメリット)

Possible to submit an application from home or the office without the need to come to the immigration counter in person.

No fees for use of the online system. Available for use 24 hours a day.



Click here to see the official announcement by the Ministry of Justice.


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