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Life information in Tokyo for international residents : 外国人在住者のための東京生活情報

There is a website that provides life information in Tokyo for international residents by Tokyo international communication committee.

Name is “Life in Tokyo”.

URL: https://www.lifein.tokyo.jp/en/

International residents can search various information for living in Tokyo.

How to Use “Life in Tokyo”

Step 1.

This is the first view of the website. You should choice 1 of 3 choices, Search by region, Search of category or Search by keyword.

We explain the procedure in case you choice “Search by category”.


You should select a category that you need to know in many categories. Categories are divided in 3 themes about “Help & Advice”, ” Learning & Study” and “Enjoying Tokyo”.

Themes categories
Help & Advice Daily Life, Legal; Residence Status, Interpretation and Translation, Women & Children, Education, Job search & International students, Work Issues, Physical & Mental Health, Refugees
Learning & Study Disaster Prevention, Crime Prevention, Rules(Daily Life; Traffic), Diversity, Japanese Culture, International Understanding, Japanese Language, Foreign Languages
Enjoying Tokyo Volunteer, Community, Food, Culture & Art, Sightseeing, Leisure, Sports, Seminars & Workshops, Events

Next, we explain  in case you select Residence Status.


You should select a region which you live or work in. First you select 1 of areas(Nishi-tama, Minami-tama, Kita-tama, Josai, Johoku, Toshin Fukutoshin, Jonan, Joto, Tosho).

For example, if you select an area, Select box appear on the map. It is as like as next photo.

Each Areas includes municipalities. You should select area which includes your municipality, and click light green “search” button is under the map.

Area municipalities
Nishi-tama Akiruno, Ome, Fussa, Hamura, Mizuho, Hinode, Hinohara, Okutama
Minami-tama Hachioji, Machida, Hino, Tama, Inagi
Kita-tama Tachikawa, Musashino, Mitaka, Fuchu, Akishima, Chofu, Koganei, Kodaira, Higashimurayama, Kokubunji, Kunitachi, Komae, Higashiyamato, Kiyose, Higashikurume, Musashimurayama, Nishitokyo
Josai Setagaya, Nakano, Suginami, Nerima
Johoku Kita, Itabashi
Toshin Fukutoshin Chiyoda, Chuo, Minato, Shinjuku, Bunkyo, Shibuya, Toshima
Jonan Shinagawa, Meguro, Ota
Joto Taito, Sumida, Koto, Arakawa, Adachi, Katsushika, Edogawa
Tosho Oshima, Toshima, Niijima, Kouzushima, Miyake, Mikurajima, Hachijo, Aogashima, Ogasawara


You will get result page and select “Associations & Organizations”, “Local Government Offices”, “Related Events” or “Related Topic”which you need.

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