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A Flow of Hospitalization:入院の流れ

We explain general flow of hospitalization in Japan, on this article.


A Flow of Hospitalization:入院の流れ

Here is a general flow.

  1. Doctor decides the necessity of hospitalization and its term.
  2. Doctor advises you about hospitalization.
  3. Choose the hospitalization date at the reception and get explanation for things to bring.
  4. Go to hospital with things you need on the day of your hospitalization.


  1. 医師いし症状しょうじょうて、入院するべきかいなか、そして入院の期間きかんめます。
  2. 医師から入院の指示しじけます。
  3. 入院相談そうだん窓口まどぐち担当者たんとうしゃ相談そうだんしながら、入院の日程にっていを決めます。また、必要ひつようなものについての説明を受けます。
  4. 決めた日に、必要なものをもって病院に行き、入院します。

About room and a rough standard of expense:病室びょうしつ費用ひよう目安めやすについて

Hospital rooms:病室について

There are four types of rooms, private, two, four, and six-bed rooms, and four to six-bed room is common.

Unless suffering from infectious disease, there is an extra cost for staying at a private room

Since extra cost varies based on the number of beds at hospital, there are hospitals charging a few thousand Yen, whereas others are more than ten thousand Yen. Hence, you should better ask the hospital in detail.





Hospitalization expense:入院費用ひようについて

Hospitalization expenses are calculated by the method called “comprehensive evaluation: DPC” defined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

DPC applies to the “Diagnostic Group Classification Score Chart” (approximately 1,400 classifications) determined by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare according to the medical treatment contents such as surgery and treatment based on the hospitalized patient’s disease name and symptoms, and based on the amount per day. It is a method to calculate hospitalization medical expenses.

If there is no description in the “Diagnostic Group Classification Score Chart,” other calculation methods will be used. Since the calculation method is complicated, it is necessary to contact the hospital for more in detail.





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