Medical service in Japan: 日本の医療サービスについて

This page explains Japanese medical service. (types of hospital, difference of departments, and a guide for having a checkup).


A difference between clinic and general hospital :クリニックと総合病院そうごうびょういんちが

There are 2 types of medical institutions in Japan, clinic and general hospital. We explain deference of clinic and general hospital in following parts. If you go to general hospital without a letter of reference “Sho Kai Jo” by clinic you’ve visited, then they will charge you extra thousands of yen. So you should first better go to clinic.


 Features of Clinics クリニックの特徴とくちょう

How to call “clinic” in Japanese? ”クリニック”を日本で言うと?

“Clinic” is called “Iin”, “Shinryojo” or ” Clinic” in Japanese, and all the three words mean the same.


At what time do you visit to clinic? どんなにときにクリニックに行きますか?

In many cases, people go when they feel not well or sick but not that sever, and it is quite common to go clinics in neighbor for primary care.


Scale and Facilities 規模きぼ設備せつび

Clinics are medical institutes with hospitalization facilities of 19 beds or fewer. Many of them have no hospitalization facilities.


Features of General Hospitals 総合病院そうごうびょういん特徴とくちょう

How do you call “General Hospitals”  in Japanese?  “General Hospital”を日本語で言うと?

“General Hospital” is called “Sougou-Byouin” in Japanese, and a name depends on by whom it is managed. So, if it’s managed by university (Daigaku), then we call “Daigaku- Byouin”.

“General Hospital” は日本語で「総合病院」と呼ばれます。誰が経営するかによって、例えば「大学だいがく病院」というように変わります。「大学病院」は大学に運営されている病院を意味します。

When do you go to “General Hospital”?  どんな時に「総合病院」に行きますか?

People visit especially in case of serious sickness, condition or injuries.


Scale and Facilities 規模と設備

“General Hospitals” are larger than clinics and fully equipped with a full of facilities. Since each department specialized in their own medical treatment, they maintain high level of medical systems.


Departmets 診療科しんりょうか

Patients choose which department to go based on their condition. general hospitals have almost all departments, whereas other l hospitals and clinics are limited. But General Hospitals are usually crowded and waiting time is so long, so, it is not always good to go to general hospital.


Major Departments おもな診療科

Internal medicine 内科ないか This department treats patients by medication. It covers colds and other sickness in general. In case you have no idea what disease you are suffering from, you should visit this department first.


Surgical medicine 外科げか This department treats patients external injuries. In many cases, treatments involve operations.


Pediatric 小児科しょうにか This department treats children up to elementary school students, for general sickness.


Orthopedics 形成けいせい外科 This department treats patients with problems of bones, joints and muscles.


Ophthalmology(eye clinic) 眼科がんか This department treats patients with problems of eyes.


Dentistry 歯科しか This department treats patients with problems of teeth, such as cavities.



How to get a check-up 診療しんりょうけるには

You can visit clinics or hospitals without reservation. But there could be a long wait for a few hours to see the doctor. Exceptionally, you have to get an appointment in advance for visiting dentist. No matter where you go, don’t forget your insurance card.



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