Purikura photo booths

Do you know what a Puricura photo booth is? A Puricura photo booth has been very popular for young Japanese people. In this column, we will introduce you about what a Puricura booth is, and how you can enjoy it.

First, a Puricura booth is used to take your picture. This is kind of equivalent to photo booths you can see in the US. If you describe a Puricura photo booth simply, it is a box that you enter and get your picture taken. However, it is actually more than that. You can choose your skin tone, the size of your eyes, hair color. There are many more features you can try out to change your face or body shape. Once you take your photos, you will be able to decorate the pictures with a pen that is used only for the Puricura booth. You have a given time to decorate your photo.

Now, I would like to explain how to take an actual Puricura. First, you need to pay about 400 yen. Sometimes, this is 300 yen but most of the Puricura machines cost 400 yen. Then, you choose how you want your skin tone to be. After this, the photo shooting starts. In many Puricura booths, you will have a monitor which you can see your face, and the recommended poses for each shoot. After taking the photo, you go to another compartment of the Puricura booth and start decorating. After a couple of minutes, you can choose how to divide your Purikura pictures. Most of the Puricura pictures can become stickers, and many people stick them on to their room, or on the back of their cellphones. Then, you just wait for the Purikura pictures to come out!!

Purikura photo booths give you a small experience of being a fashion model. You can enjoy Purikura with your friends, as a couple or even with your family. This unique Japanese photo booth enables many people’s dream to become a star!


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