Do you know “J-ALERT” ?:Jアラートについて

Japan is a country which is prone to natural disasters.
We here recommend that foreign residents in Japan understand J-ALERT system just in case of disaster and emergency.
J-ALERT is a nationwide instantaneous warning / alert system.
These alerts and warnings will be sent out via outdoor speakers and cell phone emergency alert emails, and so on.





Main information delivered by J-ALERT:配信内容はいしんないよう
  • Earthquake Early Warning:緊急地震速報きんきゅうじしんそくほう
  • Great tsunami warning:大津波警報おおつなみけいほう
  • Tsunami warning:津波警報つなみけいほう
  • Special warning such as weather:気象等きしょうとう特別警報とくべつけいほう
  • Ballistic missile information:弾道だんどうミサイル情報じょうほう
  • Air attack information:航空攻撃情報こうくうこうげきじょうほう
  • Guerilla Special Forces Attack information:ゲリラ・特殊部隊攻撃情報とくしゅぶたいこうげきじょうほう
  • Large-scale terrorist information:大規模だいきぼテロ情報じょうほう
  • Other national protection information:そのほか国民保護情報こくみんほごじょうほう
Sample sound of J-ALERT warning:Jアラートのおと

Sample sound of J-ALERT warning (Sound in case of “Earthquake Early Warning”) :緊急地震速報きんきゅうじしんそくほう警報音けいほうおん


If you get a smartphone in Japan, it comes with “Area email” and “Emergency alert email” installed in advance and is able to receive J-ALERT.
Overseas terminals, SIM lock free smartphones may be insufficient for receive it.
In such cases, please install “Yahoo! JAPAN disaster prevention flash report” and you become able to receive J-ALERT.
And you can use the “Safety tips” app which is provided by the government for disaster information for foreign travelers and residents.




また、政府せいふ提供ていきょうしている外国人旅行者がいこくじんりょこうしゃ住居者じゅうきょしゃけの災害情報さいがいじょうほう提供ていきょうアプリ「Safety tips」を使つかうこともできます。


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