The weird world of animal cafes


日本にほんには、たくさん  観光かんこうや  博物館はくぶつかん美術館びじゅつかんなどが  あります。

きつくして  きているのであれば、パラダイスが  あります。

それは、動物どうぶつが  いる  カフェ!

一番いちばん有名ゆうめいなのは、ねこがいる 「ねこカフェ」ですが・・・いぬ、フクロウ、ウサギ、ハリネズミ、とり、ヤギ、爬虫類はちゅうるいが  いる  カフェなど、ここで  リストにできないくらい  さまざまな  カフェが  あります。

There’s no doubt that there are plenty of things to do in Tokyo, for tourists as well as locals, and in this city you’ll encounter some things that can’t be found anywhere else. If you’re a fan of museums, traditional customs, foods, and buildings, Tokyo has plenty to offer in that regard. But if you’re tired of history and architecture and what you’re seeking is strangely unique experiences not normally found in your typical itinerary, then you have found paradise!

Tokyo is world famous for its modern, cosmopolitan and sometimes outright bizarre pop culture, and one aspect of this is the amount of uniquely themed cafes it has to offer, where the coffee is normally the least important aspect. Indeed, some of these cafes don’t serve coffee at all!

If you love animals, you’re in luck, because there are plenty of cafes where you can pet different animals in Tokyo. The most famous of these are cat cafes. You can find many of these scattered around the city. Here you can play with cats of all breeds and ages, buy some treats for them, pet them or just let them sleep on your lap. You’ll also find a list with their names and pictures, along one of their quirks or interesting facts. Some people are regulars and will keep coming for the same cat, so you’ll have some tough competition for attention. These places are designed to be quiet and cozy, so it can be an oddly relaxing experience.

Cat cafes might be the most popular of these, but not the only ones by any means. There are, of course, dog cafes as well. If you want to pet something a bit more exotic than a cat or a dog, don’t worry because you will still have plenty of choices. There are owl cafes, rabbit cafes, hedgehog cafes, bird cafes, goat cafes, reptile cafes… the list would be too long to post here. It seems that people keep coming up with new ideas for an animal cafe that might attract people. A new addition this year, for instance, is a piglet cafe in Meguro.

By the time you read this there might be a new animal to pet, so keep an eye out and enjoy an experience you won’t find anywhere else.


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I like traveling, cycling, photography, movies, and spending time with friends.
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