She came to Japan from the Netherlands following him as an engineer. (Part 9)

There are quite a few foreigners who come to Japan because they met in foreign countries. He came to Japan to teach technical skills to his Dutch affiliate Y, and returned to Japan after a five-year term. This time, I will introduce the case where she came to Japan from the Netherlands following him.


Y, a Dutch affiliate, is a major general contractor company headquartered in Japan. She was born and raised in Germany and graduated from a public secretarial school after graduating from high school. After that, she got a job at an affiliate y in the Netherlands. That’s why she was able to speak German, English and Dutch fluently. On the other hand, when he was dispatched from his parent company in Japan, he was not good at English, but he studied in Germany and was able to speak German, so she was able to mediate German.

In addition to her Dutch and English interpreters and paperwork, she always accompanied him to the local meetings of highway construction methods.

The year after he returned to Japan after a five-year term, she left the Dutch affiliate Y and came to Japan.

What kind of work do you want to do? Can you work in the factory?

It was not only him himself but also a major general contractor X company that was surprised. Because this is Japan, she can speak Japanese, and if she can read and write Japanese (ok with word processing even if it is not handwritten), because she speaks German, English, and Dutch fluently, there are various places to work in the group company of a major general contractor X company. However, she could not speak Japanese, so she could not find a suitable workplace.

The fact that there has been no such case has also had a profound impact on this case. Then, she was offered a job at the factory of Rod Manufacturing Company which had dealings with the group company of a major general contractor X company. The younger she is, the more likely she is to talk. At a near-40-year-old age, it is difficult to find a job or workplace that can make the most of your career.

Moreover, if Japanese comes to be understood, it is all the more so.

Response to our Foreign Support Office

Was there any uneasy side to her? She casually visited this support room.

It is said that it will move tomorrow and the interview is scheduled at the employment place the day after tomorrow. I immediately tested her Japanese level. The result was level 0 that I was afraid of. With this, it is not possible to communicate in the office of the factory. It is not possible to live in Japan if it is to the extreme.

We have seen a lot of cases where such foreigners get into trouble.

So, the support office contacted major general contractor X and Rod Manufacturing Z, and had the interview postponed for a week. In the past week, I taught her how to get started and study Japanese. The outline of the text used in “Hiragana classroom”, “Kanji introduction class”, “Kanji acquisition class”, and “Secondary level Kanji class” was explained, and it was handed out free of charge. At least the level of “Introduction to Kanji” was strictly instructed to master.

I persuaded her of the importance of communication with the community.

Terrain with factories

The factory where she worked was a rural town facing the Sea of Japan, and it was hot in summer when it became near 40°, and the snow piled up to nearly two meters in winter. The place was located on the mountainside, and the dormitories were prepared. However, there was no kitchen, the washroom, and the bath though it was a private room, and it was all about one place in the group. Moreover, it is said that “Three shifts work” is done here. Is she really all right?

The factory site of rod manufacturing Z company and we handle “hazardous substances”.

The rod is shaped about 20 centimeters in diameter, with adhesive smaller organic fibers, and is as long as 100 meters long.

Applications are used for heavy objects and bridged suspension hanging, such as towing rope of ships. In this factory, we had three rod production lines. It is a tank about 100 meters long, and the organic strong fiber is made of a large rod by repeating the dip-nip 10 times with the adhesive. The speed of the rod is slow to 3m / min, the viscosity of the adhesive is high, therefore it is difficult to penetrate the fibers. Her job is to find “bubbles” that occur in the replacement of liquid and air, and then beat them with a stick to destroy them.

When the bubbles are attached to the fiber gap and rod, since the portion is cut locally becomes weak, it is an important element in the quality of the rod.

About work manuals and work standards

There is Japanese, but at first she didn’t understand at all. In her second year, she only worked during the day, so she improved her work manuals and work standards to translate english and Japanese. In addition, the latest version of the work manual s at another factory and other processes other than the work she was involved in was made the latest version. This was very much appreciated by the company.

Handling of adhesives, which are harmful substances

Such adhesives are harmful substances containing large amounts of epoxy groups, and are regulated by Japanese law. In a work style like a “space suit” with a helmet and a gas mask, wearing gloves is hard to move.

Scattering of the adhesive is also a problem, the adhesive adheres to and from here and there of clothes, moreover this agent must be careful of the gas because it is highly volatile.

The difficulty of working at night

She saw foreigners from Southeast Asia at other factories, but there are no Japanese women in this factory, let alone foreigners. It can be said that she is the first as a woman who works at night in this factory. In Germany and the Netherlands, the same rights for men and women are thorough, and a lot of women are working in man’s office. She didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable with the “three-shift business” she worked at night. However, it was said that it was serious in summer because it was necessary to sleep in daytime when working at night. It is said that it is a mystery of money.

About money

She thought the first year was too expensive to work at night, but it was half the Dutch era.

The because this was an apprentice treatment, it became a book adoption when it became daytime work of the second year, and it became money of almost the same level as the Netherlands. It became business such as the telephone answering from the foreign country in the office, the English translation, the check, and the visitor answering, etc. from the third year, and money doubled in the Dutch age. It is a strange thing.

At the end

In this way, she spent three years establishing her place. It’s a big deal! It is said that the Netherlands and Germany are in the crucible of the battlefield in the past, and the man and the woman fight with the weapon, and it is taught the spirit which has survived in the school. I felt as if I had seen True Gender Edo-Rights in her strong appearance. I’ve seen a lot of power. By the way, is the relations with him continuing? He has a wife and children.


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