Is it a mistake by e-mail? Is this a contract? (Part 6)

There are many cases where foreigners come to Japan under a contract and get a regular job. Most of the paper contracts are based on “paper contracts” between organizations and organizations.
This time, I’ll introduce a case where we misunderstood that the e-mail exchange between individuals, not between organizations, was close to a “contract”.
Now the scope of the contract is wider, and oral, e-mail, and electronic media may be considered part of the contract temporarily, but if it is official, it will be a signed “paper” contract.
On the other hand, “fraud” is rampant, so you need to be very careful.

Background of the times

Twenty years ago, Japan was an environmental advanced country centered on 3R. 3R is to reduce → reduce the garbage itself, reuse → use over and over again, recycle → separate and use it as a resource again. Chemical recycling, which obtains raw materials by chemically decomposing collected PET bottles, has also been attempted in the industrial field. But the world was steadily advancing from a different perspective. A few years ago, “plastic pollution in the sea” attracted a lot of attention, forcing a major policy change. The source of the pollution was the living garbage which began to flow from the land through the river, and this was carried to the coast in a far other country as a medium of the sea. Japan was the first to know that it was an environmental backward country, and the public and private sectors were in a hurry to take measures. We needed to look at the world as a whole, not just in Japan.


This foreigner graduated from the Department of Environmental Studies at National University of Canada with a master’s degree and worked in the Environmental Policy Section of a local government. This woman, Canadian, was a professional in environmental measures on “plastic pollution in the sea.”
At that time, she applied for a Doctorate, but her thesis was not recognized.
It is not known where she studied, but she speaks Japanese fluently and can read and write sentences using kanji at the elementary school level. At the International Society for The Environment, an old professor at a private university in Japan asked her if she could come to the university as a professor. At that time, she did not answer immediately, and spent several years preparing and arranging my body, and came to Japan to visit this old professor this spring. Other than her family, she didn’t talk about this at all.
This case has a basic problem here.
The only communication seems to be e-mail. Communication should be doubled. For example, email and phone or Fax. For important requirements, it is better to record the contents of the phone call. In some situations, evidence or proof is required.
E-mail alone may be treated in accordance with the contract if the other person acknowledges the fact.

Interviews with school officials at private universities

☆ Old professor;It seems to have told the approval of the professor appointment for the first time at this time.

There is a feeling of late ness already at the time. “I gave up teaching to another person when I retired last year. As an emeritus professor, I still have a register ed.”
It was told that you may recommend it if it wishes because there is an assistant professor post.

☆ Person in charge of recruiting public faculties; Because there was no story from the old professor, another person was decided by the public offering of the successor professor.

☆ The problem of the person in question; She should have told the old professor earlier that she would be a professor, even if she could have emailed her. She also didn’t bring a letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation or certificate from your former employer or senior manager can be advantageous not only in Japan but also in any country.

What is a contract?

The official contract is basically “paper”, preferably between organizations. It is not useless between the organization and the individual or the individual either.
Oral, e-mail, and e-commerce may also be considered part of the contract for a while. Be sure to keep the original, such as paper contracts and electronic media. If you submit a document or show it to a person, prepare a copy of it.
Be sure to pdf the electronic media.

Based on the story above hit her relief. It is necessary to think more and to stick here though it thinks objectively, and there seems to be no fault of the person in charge of the employment of the old professor and the public school though it is her inability. It is to think about the breakthrough plan calmly.

(Phase 1) Local, on-site and physical confirmation

It had the place of the discussion with the person in charge of the employment of the old professor and the public school with her. As a result, the following has been understood.
☆To become a professor of the line, a doctorate is a requirement.

☆If you are an assistant professor, you may not have a Doctorate.
However, because the salary is considerably low, some part-time jobs might be necessary.

☆Specially appointed professor; It is possible to have the post of the special professor from the background. The term of office is three years and can usually serve another term. Activities for phD are mandatory. Because the salary is cheaper than the professor of the line, and the instability element is high (There is a business trip restriction, and it seems to be difficult to purchase travel and an expensive article in life), it is good to prepare the part-time job, etc. Everyone is doing.

(Phase 2) Her goal-setting

While working as a specially appointed professor of environmental policy, he aims to obtain a Doctorate in the next year. Life is a little unstable, so I look for part-time jobs at vocational schools, cram schools, and companies.

(Phase 3) Choosing a part-time job

☆From the point of view of my career, I recommended it to the environmental council member of the city. The term of office is two years, but it seems to be able to go for about ten years.

☆English conversation teacher at cram school; Salaries are high, but time constraints make it difficult.

☆ Technical schools; Any policy expert on “plastic pollution in the sea” is OK. This is an interactive small seminar for about 5 to 10 people in one frame, one hour and 30 minutes per spot. The market price depends on the content, from 2,000 yen to 10,000 yen per person. She can earn about 100,000 yen a month. In her case, she can speak English and Japanese, so it’s kind of like a pull. Especially, the figures and illustrations for children and students in Canada are completely different from that of Japan.

At the end

In this way, she began working as a special professor in the Department of Environmental Policy at a private university in June. At the same time, it seems to have entered the preparation of the doctoral thesis. A minimum of three papers are required for the examination. The question is whether to name the author alone or more than one, or at any university where to receive the screening. In Japan, there is a high need for policy experts on “plastic pollution in the sea”, and there is a lot of recruitment of professors from prominent national universities. Of course, foreigners are OK


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