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Japanese-specific Recruiting Schedule:日本独自の就職活動スケジュール

Gathering information on job hunting in Japan could be so difficult for international students that might made you end up lack of preparation.

So, let me narrow down several necessary points on job hunting in Japan.





Japanese-specific Recruiting Schedule:日本独自にほんどくじ就職活動しゅうしょくかつどうスケジュール

As to new grad hiring, there is a specific recruiting schedule which is a common way for getting job offers  while attending college. It has been said that many international students can’t understand this specific schedule.
This hiring schedule stems from Japanese life-time employment culture. Due to retirement of many employee all at once, companies hire new grads all at once, too, to compensate a number of employees in a sense on April.

A general job hunting schedule is shown on below.






It is common to start job hunting by participating internships*1 around summer, which is during July and August of junior or 1st year of master degree. Then, company visiting start around Junior’s March (or 1st year of master) , and job hunting starts in full swing on Senior’s June (or 2nd year of master)*2.

By October, new grads get job offers.

So, you should make a plan with grasping a flow of overall recruiting process and schedule.

*1  Applying for an internship requires taking test or/and interviews.

*2  Foreign companies and venture companies have an early hiring schedule.




※1 インターンシップに参加さんかするには、テストや面接めんせつ必要ひつようなことがあります。
※2 一般的いっぱんてき外資系企業がいしけいきぎょうやベンチャー企業きぎょう選考せんこうはやいです。


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