Health insurance system in Japan:健康保険制度(けんこうほけんせいど)

Japan has an experience of having improved the health conditions of the people across the country by instituting a universal public insurance system.
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Have you had an experience of giving up of going to hospital when you got injured or sick because concerning about medical expense?

ケガをしたとき病気びょうきに  なったとき、おかねが  不安ふあんで   病院びょういんへ  かないひとは  いませんか?

All the residents in Japan, including foreign nationals, are required to enroll in a public health insurance, which is called the National Health Insurance System.

This is one of the social insurances (medical insurance, employee pension, compensation insurance, employment insurance, nursing insurance), and which covers parts of medical expenses.

This is not only limited to the people working in Japan, but also international students and residents with permission to stay in Japan for three months or more are required to join the National Health Insurance System.

Under the health insurance system, with the use of insurance premiums paid by individuals who are covered by this system, those individuals can receive medical treatment by only paying 30% of the actual medical treatment costs.

This system covers 70% of the whole medical expense, so you need to pay the rest of 30%.

Monthly insurance premium is a small amount, there is also a reduction system for international students.

So, let’s take a look at procedures.

日本にっぽんでは  すべての  国民こくみんが  この  公的こうてき医療保険いりょうほけんに  はいることに  なっています。医療保険いりょうほけんとは  病気びょうきに  なったり  怪我けがをしたときの  必要ひつような  おかねを  たすける  まりです。国民こくみんかい  保険ほけん制度せいど と  ばれています。

公的こうてき医療保険いりょうほけんとは、社会しゃかい保険ほけん医療保険いりょうほけん年金ねんきん保険ほけん労災ろうさい保険ほけん雇用こよう保険ほけん介護かいご保険ほけん制度せいどの1つであり、病気びょうきや  怪我けが入院にゅういんなどに、かかった  おかねの  一部いちぶを  たすけてくれる  保険ほけん制度せいどです。

医療保険いりょうほけんは、会社かいしゃで  はたらく  外国人がいこくじんは、健康けんこう保険ほけんに  くわわります。

会社かいしゃで  はたらいていなくても、留学生りゅうがくせいを  はじめ、3かげつを  こえる  在留期間ざいりゅうきかんが  ある  外国人がいこくじんの ひとは、んでいる  市区しく町村ちょうそんで  国民こくみん健康けんこう保険ほけんに  はいることが  できます。

国民こくみん健康けんこう保険ほけんに  加入かにゅうしていれば、病院びょういんで  支払しはらう  病気びょうきや  怪我けがを  なおすための  おかねは  かかった  おかねの30%ですみます。

保険ほけんりょうについて、留学りゅうがくせい などは  減免げんめん (すくなく  なるか、なくなる) 制度せいどが  あります。

まずは、加入かにゅう  手続てつづき  などの  確認かくにんをしてください。

Japan’s public medical insurance

※When there is a change in information written on the health insurance card, immediately submit it to the branch via the employer/city(ward)office.
※If you use the health insurance card illegally, you may be subject to punishment of imprisonment as a fraud by the criminal law.

※You are not allowed to receive medical care for any illness or injury resulting from “Work injury” and “Commuting injury”, by using health insurance card.
Please report  to your company about an accident and the any illness or injury.

5 Workmen’s Accident Compensation Insurance Law:日本の労働関係法令 ~5 労働者災害補償保険法~


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