Flooding in Japan

In 2019, Japan was hit by numbers of natural disasters; floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Amongst them, floods were particularly felt devastations in many places all over Japan. One of the most concern matters for foreign citizens in Japan, would be numbers of natural disasters that Japan faces every year. Here are some tips to remember when you unfortunately have to face a flooding.

Typhoon Season in Japan

Every year, August and September  are considered as the season of typhoon in Japan. The average would be 2 typhoons a month. However, there have been some reports of typhoons during outside of the season as well. Unlike in abroad, Japan does not name a typhoon but each typhoon gets a number. This number always starts from the first day of a new year.

What happens when a typhoon comes to Japan

Obviously, all the media would start broadcasting about the typhoon.  They would tell people about its possible path and advance planed closers of public transport. People need to make sure school/work would be closed or open.

When to evacuate

People need to keep their eyes on the path of the typhoon, because it can change its course in unpredictable way.


Japan Meteorological Agency would issue Emergency Warning which has a level1-5.

When the level hits number 5, people in the affected area would get a warning message via text message (if you are registered )or public announcements from the local councils. The news would broadcast the affected area continuously on screen as well as their social media platforms.


When you get level 5 warning,  you are in a danger zone, your safety is the first priority. This could be that you need to evacuate or stay in a place where you can be safe; in case of flooding, evacuating is not always the best option, its better to move to higher grounds as possible.


During typhoon 19th, a lot of people lost their life because they did not act quick enough to the safety. They dawned because the water level raised very fast.


What you can do about facing a typhoon


Once people know that their residential area would be in the path of a typhoon, there are a lot of information on line to read about how to prepare for it. The preparation would be differ depending on their housing options. You might need to follow instruction from your landlord.


This is not time to go outside to report or shoot for your social media! Stay inside or evacuate in advance! If you are instructed to do so. Help others who you think they need your help, they would be likely be older people or family with small children.


If you are in desperate help, call for help. If you are still able to be online, post message on social media is one way.



If you are in affected area; sadly there have been reports of thieves operate in the devastated areas. Thus be careful with unexpected encounters with criminals.


If you are not affected, if you are a specialist in constructions, check on social media if you can help. Obviously, your language level is important …. You do not want to be cause extra problems for people in devastated areas.


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