The latest information for Halal food In Japan

Recent increase of workers, students and tourists from abroad, Japanese people are more aware of special dietary needs from different cultural background people. Let’s focus on Halal food, here is the latest.

Just in case, Halal food is religious food for people of Muslim faith. Basically, Muslim people do not consume pork and alcohol. All meat products need to be treated by special butchers. Kitchens also need to be treated in the specific way.

Two main organizations of Halal food in Japan

Japan Muslim Association, based in Tokyo,  ( is offering service to give out certificates for Halal food in Japan; they also help restaurants and hotels to welcome Muslim guests.

Japan Halal Association, based in Osaka, ( is also offering service to certifies Halal Food in Japan. They are authorized by Muslim counties such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Golf coast counties.

Both organizations are helping to promote Halal food in Japan, and there are a lot of information regarding to current affair of Halal food in Japan.


Where to buy Halal food in Japan

According to Halal Media Japan, ( there are many Halal food providers in Japan; some well known big super markets and department stores are offering Halal sections in their branches. In their site, there are special regional maps of Halal/Muslim friendly places in Japan as well as app to download. On their YouTube channel, they even share reports of different Japanese Halal food! So check them out!

Of course, there are internet shops that is selling imported and certified Halal food for home delivery.

Where to eat  Halal food in Japan

International airports, major sightseeing cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto, there are many restaurants and cafes that are offering Halal menu. In small towns, people are most likely able to find some boutique vegetarian type of restaurants which are often offering seasonal organic or local product featured menu.

Due to increase of Halal awareness, Japanese government is offering financial help to businesses who are willing to serve Halal food. Thus, it would be more restaurants offering the Halal food in the future.

Halal food in Japanese schools

Some universities in Japan started to serve Halal menu in their student cafes because they have increased their intake from students from aboard.  At lower schools such as primary schools where local councils would provide compulsive school meals, Halal food is unfortunately out of option. Muslim children are allowed to carry their own lunch to school.


There are some concerns about the authenticity of Japanese Halal food online. Some businesses are not following the legit process and getting certificates from unauthorized organizations to attract Muslim costumers or even plan to export their own products to Muslim countries. Sadly, in this global capitalism society, there are always people who would want to use a new opportunity for their own profits. It is also important to do own research for food you consume. This is not only religious food nowadays; there are way too many food additives in Japanese food consumption.

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