Dental Care in Japan

Japan has a decent Dental care system; it might not always offer the latest dental treatment or technique in the world, but the care would be efficient.  Comparing to Western culture, Japanese people do not care too much about having perfect straight teeth thus teeth-straightening/braces would be less common amongst people and it is not covered by regular medical insurances.

日本にほんには  よい  歯医者はいしゃ医療いりょう制度せいどが  あります。 世界せかいなかでは、 最新さいしんの  治療ちりょうや  テクニックでは  ないですが 、日常にちじょうの  ケアとしては  とてもよいでしょう。

ただし 、の  矯正きょうせいや  ブレースなどは、医療保険いりょうほけんでは  カバーされません。

Accident & Emergency

Typically, large ER/A&E hospitals in cities have dental departments which would see emergency patients. However, it might be better to go see a local dentists before your symptom would become unbearable  because a dental treatment often require to have several appointments to complete. An emergency dental procedure would normally be temporary and require to go back to see a dentist.

都市としの  おおきい  ER / A&E病院びょういんには、緊急きんきゅう患者かんじゃを  る  歯医者はいしゃが  います。

しかし 、治療ちりょう終了しゅうりょうするまでに、たくさんの  予約よやくを  必要ひつようとすることが  おおいため、症状しょうじょうが  かるときに  地元じもとの  歯医者はいしゃに  相談そうだんしたほうが  いいです。

Regular check up & treatments

People are able to make an appointment at the most of dentists. A regular dental check up would be partially covered by National Health Insurance or Employees’ Health Insurance but some dentists might not offer insurance covered check ups so you need to make sure with your dentists.

When you need dental treatments, you need to make sure that what kind of treatments you would need. Some of treatments are covered partially by National Health Insurance and Employees’ Health Insurance but majority of white colored fillings might not be covered by them at all. Similar rules would be applied for more advance treatments such as crowns and dentures. Therefore, it is important to do some researches and know what kind of treatments are available at your dentists  and which one you want to have.

It is a good idea to look around and read some reviews of dentists near by or ask friends for recommendations. Sadly, not all the dentists in Japan would be nice and honest. It is common to hear stories of dentists who over charge for unnecessary treatments. They have to run their business as well, but to avoid this kind of problems, patients need to do their own research as well.

歯医者はいしゃに くときは 、 予約よやくをすることが  できます。

治療ちりょうなかには 、国民こくみん健康けんこう保険ほけんと  社員しゃいんの  健康けんこう保険ほけんで  部分ぶぶんてきに  カバーされていないものも  あります。

あなたが  歯医者はいしゃ  で  治療ちりょうするときは、治療方法ちりょうほうほう必要ひつようなおかね)を  いたほうが  よいでしょう。

また 、はじめて 歯医者はいしゃ  に くときは、ともだちに  「どこの  歯医者はいしゃが  よいか?」いてみてください。

かなしいことに 、  日本にほんの  すべての  歯医者はいしゃが  素晴すばらしくて  正直しょうじきであるというわけでは  ありません。

必要ひつような  治療ちりょうや  過大かだい におかねを はらうことを  もとめる  歯医者はいしゃも  います。

Private Dental Care

It would be very hard to find a private dental care in Japan. Unlike some foreign countries that dental care is separated from medical care; Japanese National Health Insurance or Employees’ Health Insurance cover dental. Thus people would not need a private dental care. There are some plans which people are able to sign up via credit card subscriptions. However, people can not have pre-exiting conditions and it would be only valid from after 90 days from the signing up date.

日本にほんでは 、プライベートで対応たいおうしてくれる  歯医者はいしゃを  つけるのは  とても  むずかしいでしょう。

なぜなら 、日本にほんの  国民こくみん健康けんこう保険ほけん  または   健康けんこう保険ほけんが  医療いりょうを  カバーしているので、 個人こじんてき対応たいおうしてくれる 歯医者はいしゃ を  必要ひつようとしないからです。

Dental treatments could affect people for a long time; so you need to be careful about it. If you have a good dentists in your home country, it might be better to have check up before you leave. Due to scientific technological advancing, dentistry is consistently improving. Scientists are already able to grow a tooth from stem cells; so in the near future, we might not need tooth fillings anymore! But meanwhile, oral hygiene is very important for healthy life style, keep brushing and have regular check ups!

もし 、 自分じぶんの  くにに  よい  歯医者はいしゃが  いるならば 、あなたが  日本にほんにくる まえの チェックをしたほうが  よいかもしれません。

科学かがく技術ぎじゅつの  進歩しんぽにより 、歯学しがくは  いつも  進歩しんぽしています。科学かがくしゃは  すでに  かん細胞さいぼうから  を  成長せいちょうさせることが  できます。だから  先々さきざきわたしたちは   の  つめものを  必要ひつようとしないかもしれませんね。

しかし  それまでの  あいだは 、口腔こうこう衛生えいせい健康けんこうてきな  生活せいかつ 、ブラッシング 、そして定期的ていきてきな  健康けんこう  診断しんだんは  とても  大切たいせつです。


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