KyoTreat: Monthly Rental in traditional Machiya Townhouses

Sightseeing is fun. Making the most out of a short visit as a tourist, of course, has its perks. With that said, staying as a tourist and living as a resident is a completely different experience in every sense of the word.


Living in Kyoto will let you see a whole new side of the city— one you will never find in a book or a tourist guide. Going to a local shop and picking out your favorite Japanese “wagashi” sweet; Taking part in local events and festivals, not as a visitor but as a member of the community; After a snowy day, taking a walk alone through fresh snow to a quiet, solemn temple.


In the evening, running after a tofu cart and trying out an “obanzai” recipe you learned in cooking class; experience the world of Japanese “omotenashi” hospitality; invite friends and family and show them to that special place you found on your daily walk.


Come experience “Vacation Rentals KyoTreat”. Discover a new Kyoto, full of excitement and new possibilities. We promise you a wonderful experience you will cherish for a lifetime.


Stay in Kyoto for as low as 234,000 JPY / per month (Includes utility charges)

The 5 benefits:

[Machiya Experience]

With KyoTreat, you can easily start the Kyoto experience you’ve been longing for.


[Share with Friends]

Unlike other accommodations, any number of people can stay at a flat rate as long as it is within the occupancy limit.


[Temporary Home]

For people looking for a temporary home during a long-term business trip or while taking care of a family member in the hospital.

[Sightseeing Homebase]

Kyoto provides easy and convenient access to Osaka, Nara, and Shiga prefectures as well.

[For Your Guests]

With a place filled with Kyoto culture and history, KyoTreat will surely be an enjoyable experience for your guests.


Please visit KyoTreat for more information


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