Before you make a lease contract:賃貸契約の前に知っておきたいこと

Before you make a lease contract :賃貸契約ちんたいけいやくむすまえっておきたいこと

When you rent a house or apartment in Japan, you must sign a lease or rental contract (chintai keiyaku).
The lease clearly specifies the rights and obligations of both the lessor (the owner) and the lessee.
Your signature on such a contract is legally binding and indicates that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions listed therein. You should read the contract carefully and have anything you do not fully understand explained to you. Remember that it is imperative that
you understand all the contents of the contract before you sign. By the time you make a contract, you would be asked for ID cards.

賃貸契約書ちんたいけいやくしょによる契約けいやくは、ひとりるひととの権利けんり義務ぎむをはっきりしておくめです。 契約書けいやくしょ内容ないようをよくみ、説明せつめいをしてもらいましょう。そこにいてあることを理解・同意りかい・どういのうえサインしてください。

Types of Lease Contracts :賃貸契約ちんたいけいやく種類しゅるい

Normal Lease Contract
As a rule, the same contract is renewed (continued) after the contract period expires. When you renew this type of contract, you may be required to pay a contract renewal fee and other fees.


Fixed-term Lease Contract
After the contract period expires, this type of contract is not renewed tomatically. You can enter into a new contract to rent the same unit, however, which typically involves a realtor’s fee and other fees.



Payments Required When Entering into a Lease :契約けいやくするときに必要ひつようなおかね

Rent is paid in advance. Therefore, when first moving into a residence, you have to pay 2 months of rent (the current month’s and following month’s rent). Rent is usually paid by way of bank transfer.

家賃やちんは、まえつきに、翌月しょうかいつぎつきぶん支払しはらいます。このため、最初さいしょは、そのいえ引越ひっこつき家賃やちんと、翌月分よくげつぶんとの、2か月分げつぶん支払しはらうことになります。 家賃やちんはふつう、銀行ぎんこうへふりこみます。

A security deposit equivalent to 1–3 months’ rent is given to the landlord.
When you move to a new residence, the money is used to pay any outstanding rent, make repairs and clean the house/apartment as necessary.
The balance, if any, is refunded to you when you move out.りるひと契約けいやくするときに、家主やぬしいえ所有者しょゆうしゃ〕に家賃やちんはら保証ほしょうとして、家賃やちんの 1 ~ 3 か月分げつぶんをあずけます。これは、りたいひとべつあたらしいいえ引越ひっこすとき、 家賃やちんはらっていなかったとか、りていたあいだいえをこわしたり、 よごしたりしたとき修理費しゅうりひ使つかわれます。のこったおかねがあれば、かえされます。
Key Money
Generally 1–2 months’ rent is paid to the landlord as key money. This money is non-refundable.

契約けいやくしたとき、家主やぬしにお礼として支払しはらうおかねです。ふつう、家賃やちんの 1 ~ 2 か月分げつぶんです。礼金れいきんは、かえされません。

Realtor’s Fee
This is the commission paid to the real estate agent. In principle, the tenant and landlord each pay the equivalent of half a month’s rent, making a total of 1 month. However, if both parties agree, the proportion paid by each party may be changed.

不動産取引業者ふどうさんとりひきぎょうしゃ支払しはら手数料てすうりょうです。家賃やちんの 1 か月分げつぶん貸主かしぬし借主かりぬしとで折半せっぱんするのが原則げんそくですが、支払しはら各々おのおの了承しょうしょうすれば、負担割合ふたんわりあい変更へんこう可能かのうです。


 General Terms and Conditions of a Lease :注意ちゅういすること

In most cases you will need a guarantor when you apply for an apartment.
If you do not have one, you may be able to utilize a company that provides guarantors. Please discuss it with the real estate agent.おおくの場合ばあい入居申にゅうきょもう保証人ほしょうにん必要ひつようとなります。保証人ほしょうにんがいないときは、保証会社ほしょうかいしゃ利用りようできる場合ばあいがあるので、不動産取引業者ふどうさんとりひきぎょうしゃ相談そうだんしてください。
Payment of Rent
Rent must be paid one month in advance by the date stated in the lease.


You cannot allow anyone other than family members to live with you without the prior consent of your landlord.


You cannot sublet the property or any part thereof to a third person.


Renovating and Redecorating


You must obtain permission before renovating (e.g. installing electrical and gas lines, demolishing walls, or boring holes in walls) or redecorating (e.g. replacing wallpaper).


Lease Termination
Should you want to terminate the lease prior to its full term, you must give your landlord advanced notice. If you move without informing the landlord of your intention to do so or wait until just before you move, your deposit might not be refunded.


Conditions at the End of the Lease
Be aware that there are instances where deposits are not returned and exorbitant cleaning charges are made at the end of leases. You should agree as to what fees will be required at the end of the lease before you sign.


Most landlords do not allow pets. If you want to keep one, please tell your real estate agent before you enter into a rental agreement, and make sure that the rental agreement allows pets.



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