An international marriage procedure:国際結婚の手続き

Please refer the following articles when it comes to marrying in Japan. The both explains the marriage procedure, but not to find true love.


  1. Marriage to Japanese National:日本人にほんじん結婚けっこんするとき
  2. Marriage to foreign National:外国人がいこくじん結婚けっこんするとき

1.Marriage to Japanese National日本人にほんじん結婚けっこんするとき

The Japanese national fulfills the conditions for marriage as stipulated under Japan law.
The foreigner fulfills the conditions for marriage in his or her own country.


■ Documents you need to prepare
1. Marriage notification (This application form is available at the administrative office of your municipality. It requires signatures and seals from 2 witnesses over 20 years old.)
2.Family register (of the Japanese national)
3. Certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage, or substitute document (of the foreigner)
4.Passport, etc. (to prove nationality)


The marriage about in Japan:日本にほんでの結婚けっこん

Submit at the administrative office of the municipality that is the address of either one of the two people concerned who intend to marry, or the registered domicile of the Japanese national.

Once these are received, the marriage will be brought about in Japan.

At this point, you will be issued with the acceptance of marriage notification.



The marriage in his or her own country:母国ぼこくでの結婚けっこん

The foreigner undertakes the procedures for marriage in his or her own country.(The method of procedures varies from country to country, so confirm with the embassy or consulate of your country in Japan.)

When this is received, the marriage will be brought about in the foreigners own country.

Persons wishing to change their of residence to that of a spouse of a Japanese national should consult their local immigration bureau.




2.Marriage to foreign National外国人がいこくじん結婚けっこんするとき

The conditions necessary for a marriage to be brought about vary from country to country, so please enquire at the embassy of the countries in Japan, and undertake the procedures.
In the event that the procedures for marriage are to be undertaken at the administrative office of a municipality in Japan, please enquire at your municipality’s administrative office.




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