The 5 rules of living comfortable in Japan:快適に住むための5つのルール

When you live in housing complexes such as apartments you will deal with many different people in your daily life. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the following 5 rules in order to maintain amicable relations with others in your neighborhood.


  • Rubbish Disposal:ゴミのかた
  • Being Aware of Making Noise生活騒音せいかつそうおん注意ちゅうい
  • Using the Bath and Toilet:浴室よくしつ・トイレの使つかかた
  • Using Common Areas and Facilities:共用部分きょうようぶぶん使つかかた
  • Car and Bicycle Parking:自転車置じてんしゃお駐車場ちゅうしゃじょう
Rubbish Disposal:ゴミのかた

The method of rubbish disposal varies from one municipality to the next. Also the day and time of collection depends on the type of rubbish. For details specific to where you live, please ask your real estate agent, a neighbor or staff in the relevant division of your municipal office.
Questions You Should Ask
1. What days and times you should put out the rubbish.
2. Where you should put the rubbish.
3. Which items are considered combustible and which are non-combustible.
4. Which items are considered recyclable (bottles, cans, plastics, newspapers, etc.)
5. How to dispose of bulky refuse.1

1. Some bulky refuse and items that are difficult to dispose of will require a fee in order to have them collected otherwise they may not be collected at all. Please ask the relevant division of your municipal office for details on how to dispose of such items.
Examples: Items such as furniture, bedding, electrical appliances, kitchenware, household goods, and the like that are bigger than a certain size, including drawers, tables, chairs, futons, carpets, bicycles, microwaves, stoves, gas stoves, and golf equipment.
2. Your local municipality will not collect refrigerators, air conditioners, televisions, or washing machines. You will have to pay a fee to a store that sells such items to dispose of them. Contact the manufacturer or store that you purchased an item from to find out how to dispose of it.

ゴミのかたは、あなたがんでいる地域ちいき市区町村しくちょうそん)によってちがいます。 ゴミの種類しゅるいごとに曜日ようび時間じかんまっています。

1.  ゴミを曜日ようび時間じかん
2.  ゴミを場所ばしょ
3.  えるゴミとえないゴミの区別くべつ
4.  資源しげんゴミ(ビン、カン、ペットボトル、新聞しんぶんなど)の区別くべつ
5.  粗大そだいおおきな)ゴミのかた
たとえば、たんす、テーブル、いす、ふとん、じゅうたん、自転車じてんしゃ電子でんしレンジ、ストー ブ、ガスコンロ、など。

Being Aware of Making Noise生活騒音せいかつそうおん注意ちゅうい

In apartment complexes, noise can be easily heard by your neighbors, including those living above or below you. Therefore, it is important to make sure you do not make loud noises especially at night and in the early hours of the morning.
Examples of Noises that are Nuisances
Televisions and radios, musical instruments, loud voices, vacuum cleaners and washing machines, drainage from showers, and the opening and shutting of doors.

アパートやマンションなどの集合住宅しゅうごうじゅうたくでは、となり上下階じょうげかい住宅音じゅうたくおんつたわりやすいので、とく夜間やかんから早朝そうちょうにかけては、 おおきなおとさないように注意ちゅういしましょう。
テレビやラジカセのおと楽器がっきおとおおきなはなしこえ掃除機そうじき洗濯機せんたくきおと 、シャワートイレの排水はいすいおと、トビラのめのおと
Using the Bath and Toilet:浴室よくしつ・トイレの使つかかた

Floods can occur when the toilet or the bathroom drain backs up. If the apartment below you suffers damage due to such flood, you will have to pay for the damage (i.e. the charges for the repair work.)
To Avoid Drainage Back Up

  • Do not flush hair, etc. down drains.
  • Do not flush items other than toilet paper (e.g. tissue paper, sanitary napkins) down the toilet.
  • 排水溝はいすいこうかみなどをながさない
  • トイレではトイレットペーパー以外浴室よくしつながさない(ティッシュペーパーや生理用せいりようナプ キンもながしてはいけません)
Using Common Areas and Facilities:共用部分きょうようぶぶん使つかかた

In apartment complexes, walkways, hallways and stairs that are located outside of your apartment are considered common areas. During times of emergency, such as an earthquake or fire, they serve as evacuation routes. Therefore, you are forbidden to store your personal items in them.

集合住宅しゅうごうじゅうたくでは、自分じぶん部屋以外へやいがい廊下ろうか階段かいだんは、みんなで使つか共用部分きょうようぶぶんです。 地震じしん火事かじきたときなど、緊急時きんきゅうじには避難通路ひなんにもなるので、自分じぶん荷物にもついてはいけません。
Car and Bicycle Parking:自転車置じてんしゃお駐車場ちゅうしゃじょう

Please be sure to leave your bicycle only in areas designated as bicycle parks in an orderly fashion.
If you own a car, you will be required to rent a parking space—parking on the side of the road is illegal.

集合住宅しゅうごうじゅうたくでは、自転車じてんしゃ自転車置じてんしゃおなどのめられた場所ばしょに、きちんとならべてきます。 また、クルマ(自動車じどうしゃ)はかなら駐車場ちゅうしゃじょうりる必要ひつようがあります。
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