I came to New World Japan for a job (Part 3)

What purpose do foreigners settle in Japan and get jobs?

This time, I would like to introduce the case of Indonesians who have come to work without thinking about it. She was born with her father, a Chinese, and her mother was born on a small island in Indonesia, and graduated from a junior high school on the island. I went to the main island and looked for a job, but I couldn’t find it.

I came to Japan to see if there would be a place to work if I went to Japan. She has no skill. Speaking of which, only my native Indonesian and broken Japanese and Chinese. I don’t understand English. Speaking of foreigners, it’s not the case.

You can see the energy and health of the glare as soon as you look at it. Is this really okay? No problem at all. All right.

There are a lot of industries and places in Japan that are really in need of people and are really in trouble. In Japan, we are now looking for such human resources.

You’re welcome. It is the primary industrial sector of agriculture, fisheries and forestry. All of them are industries and boards that have supported Japan. However, with the trend of the times, we are now going downhill. Almost every field is mechanized, but the manual work that remains absolutely requires a human hand. There are no workers in any part of the country, and we are no longer able to cope with the elderly.

There are no young people.


Fishing; sorting and processing of fish, transporting fish to stores, feeding and monitoring of fish, preparing restaurants

Forestry; forest conservation work, for example, undergrowth and lawn mowing.

Transportand preparation of materials to campfires

I gave three pieces of advice to her full of energy

For one thing, study Japanese even if it takes time.

I advised elementary school students to be able to read, write, and speak kanji, not to mention reading and writing hiragana and katakana.

I handed her a Japanese dictionary for elementary school students as a souvenir of her going to a new world.

The second is not to panic, not to give up, and not to hurry.

I think there will be many things in the new world that we will be going to. Everything is different, so it’s natural. When you hit the wall, if you think about it, just think about it. And I think that’s why. In addition, it thinks why. Man is a reed to think.

I don’t know why it’s a reed.

The third thing to talk about here.

I don’t think japanese people can talk to me. It is to try to speak it because it is good in four Japanese of the one story.

I’m sure you’ll understand

I was interested in agriculture, so I recommended areas with high needs in that area. She went to a country town with a shadow of mine. From now on, I’m going to edit her letters, phone calls and other content.

She will be mentioned in words.

1st step Where am I??

It’s a rural town in Japan, but I was surprised because it is very similar to the scenery of my hometown. There are various dwellings, too, and it embarrasses it even if it is said that it should choose it. For the time being, we have to re-home so that people can live.

The rehome costs were rebuilt by the local community, and half of them were paid by three years.

2nd step What am I going to do, farming, and this is what I was doing on a small island in Indonesia.

At first, it was sorting potatoes. It is classified into three stages of large, medium and small, but it is distinguished that there is out of the case, it is rotten, there is a insect bite, and the color is different. The lane speed is so fast that I was at first puzzled, but now I can work smoothly. Working hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The income is moderate, too, and the neighbor brings the vegetable and the fruit, etc. So, because it was closed on Weekends and holidays, I thought I had to give it back to my neighbors, so I offered to “weed” the site. Ok is good, but it was hard to use the hoe and the sickle for the first time. I could lend them all, but I didn’t know how to use them anyway. I thought it was about weeding, but i was quite grateful and now I’m doing about 10.

It’s good to be stable and safe without having to worry about food.

3rd step I started to keep chickens and pigs

It is considerably free every day, and it is said, “Fallow field”, and the arable land is all about roughness when surrounding son and the house is seen. When I thought i couldn’t take advantage of something, my neighbors told me that I could use it freely, so I immediately started keeping 10 chicken chicks and five piglets next to my house. “Fallow field” can secure food, and it is also a temporary free-range place.

The egg is put on the neighbors.

4th step Invitation to women’s association

There was an invitation to enter the women’s association in the region, and it joined with pleasure. It’s a colloquial communication between Japanese and Indonesian, but I make dishes and have a good time. Everyone is an old lady in this area, but she is kind and friendly. I also have a Japanese class of Kanji, so I’m very grateful.

Five foreigners from the surrounding area are also participating.


At the end In this way, she seems to be able to blend in with Japanese society. I was happy that i had a boyfriend. I still had a driver’s license and was very enthusiastic about buying a car.

It starts now doesn’t it. Japan still needs human resources to work in the region.

It is important in such a place.


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