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  • Aichi Prefecture issues a special activity visa for foreign national students and businessperson:愛知県が独自ビザを発行
Aichi Prefecture issues a "special visa" for foreign students and business people.

Aichi Prefecture issues a special activity visa for foreign national students and businessperson:愛知県が独自ビザを発行

Aichi Prefecture issues a “special visa” for foreign students and business people.


Outline of Aichi Prefecture’s original visa:愛知県の独自ビザの概要がいよう

The outline contents of the original visa issued by Aichi Prefecture are as follows.

Aichi startup visa
The visa required for the country to obtain entry status “Certificate of residence” (entrepreneurship), which is not a visa (Visa) for which the country accepts entry, but accredited by the country under the Immigration Control Act. Aichi Prefecture determines the feasibility of the project based on interviews with foreign students and the project plan, and issues these. Operation started in fiscal 2019. Target is foreigners who aim to start business in the prefecture.

It is a visa issued by Aichi Prefecture as a certificate required to obtain a “specific activity (in this case, start-up)”. Apart from visas issued by the government under the Immigration Control Act.


くに入国にゅうこくみとめるビザではなく、しゅつ入国管理法かんりほうにもとづいて国が認定にんていする 在留ざいりゅう資格しかく 特定とくてい活動かつどう 」(起業きぎょう)を取得しゅとくするうえ必要ひつようとなる証明書しょうめいしょ。愛知県が留学生などへの面接めんせつ事業じぎょう計画書けいかくしょをもとに

 あくまで「特定活動(この場合ばあいは起業)」を得るために必要ひつような証明書として、愛知県が発行するビザです。 国が出入国管理法に基づいて発行するビザとはべつです。

What is the benefit of obtaining the Aichi startup visa? :あいちスタートアップビザを入手にゅうしゅするメリットは?

The advantages of obtaining a startup visa are as follows:

・If you carry out a procedure at the local entry and exit residence management with a certificate, you can obtain the status of residence “specific activity” (entrepreneurship), which has received the administration and support of the local government.
・Furthermore, even after starting up, you can take a status of residence “management / management” that can be extended by up to 5 years.

In other words, it is relatively easy to obtain a visa for a specific activity, and it is a benefit that you can be involved in business management even after the start-up.

If you can get involved in the start-up business for a long time, you may then have the opportunity to witness the company’s rapid growth and IPO.

Aichi prefecture aims to attract foreign students and foreign business persons to the prefecture by making the visa known to the surrounding local governments.






Who can get a startup visa?:どんな人が、あいちスタートアップビザを入手できるか?

Aichi issues a certificate if the following conditions are met.

・ Foreigners who want to start a business in the prefecture
・ You have secured an office
・ There is a possibility that the condition of either “investment of 5 million yen or more” or “employment of two or more full-time workers” is satisfied.




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