Popular hobbies amongst adults

A lot of people enjoy their time after work in Japan, (well, apart from workaholic people) it is called Afterlife. (this does not mean life after death) Some go out and some enjoy their hobby; a common place to find some activities would be culture centers that are often located near train stations, and big commercial complexes. Why don’t you look up some near you and try one out!

sports / physical based activities

The common recreational sports such as golf and tennis are very popular in Japan. There are many practice facilities all over Japan. The price would be varied; some offer very luxurious packages/memberships with spa services, some offer very a basic package or pay as you go service.

Dancing is a popular physical activity amongst females. Many of dance schools would require some sort of commitments but there are open dance studios where people can take dance classes as drop-in base. Yoga is also getting popular amongst the both genders. Due to stressful lifestyle in Japan, this would be very good choice!

Joining fattiness club is not really considered as “hobby” but somehow, this would be consider as “hobby” in Japan! and this would be the most popular physical activity!

art related activities

Cooking, portray and music lessons are well known art related hobbies. Especially cooking, people are spoiled with a great variety of choices from basic home cooking to an authentic African cuisine. Japanese people do pay particular attention to a serving dish when they cook, so designing and making own plates or bowls would be natural choice for them.

Japanese people loves music, there are so many armature bands and orchestras; some start orchestral instruments when they are in their 20s. There are many music lessons available or it would be a great idea to brush up your old music ability and join some group activities.

Japanese culture based activities

Japanese martial arts, calligraphy and tea ceremony are internationally beloved activities. This is not unusual for Japanese people. It is not surprising to hear that some foreigners would move to Japan to master those activities. Martial arts are offered at their own Dojo, you may want to ask around for their style and teachings before you join. Some are very strict and hard-core. Calligraphy offers various levels and styles, the price would be varied as well. Some local teachers would offer basic lessons for everyone. Some prestigious calligraphy institutions would offer authentic and historical lessons and some can become a professional artist.

Tea ceremony lessons are getting more accessible to foreign visitors. Participants are required to sit Japanese way on the floor…which is painful….but this is the custom and included in the lesson and Matcha tea has a great health benefit.



Currently, learning English/languages would be the most popular activities / hobby for Japanese adults. Language schools’ advertisements are everywhere. People are doing so by attending actual classes or online.


There are many activities to choose from, so start joining and enjoy your “Afterlife” !



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