Landline phone contract

The current Mobile/Cell phone culture might end the landline culture. However, Japanese society still requires its residents to have a landline; for example, a credit card application would require a landline. In this article, you can read about basic information about Japanese landline.

How to get a landline in Japan

The most popular landline operator is NTT (The Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation) in Japan. You can get this landline via online appreciation or by phone.

The Basic landline rental from NTT

People need to pay the set up fee to get the basic landline from NTT. The set up fee used to be very expensive; however, it was reduced nearly half in 2005. This set up fee also has a landline ownership right value. People can buy and sell this ownership. Thus, people are able to buy the second hand landline ownership right to save money. NTT is planning to abolished this money value in the future.

The light plan landline rental from NTT

The alternative plan from NTT would be the light plan. This plan does not require the set up fee. However, the monthly line rental would be slightly more expensive than the basic landline rental.

The necessary items to rent a landline from NTT

The official identification document such as a passport, a drivers license and a national insurance card would be needed.

Commercial land line rental

Few other Japanese companies are offering landline rental services: KDDI,

J:COM and Softbank. Those companies are mainly providers for mobile /cell phone services and cable TV services. Thus it is better to sign up for a combination service; for example, a contract with landline and cable TV services to get a better price plan. Nonetheless, this type of landline service area is limited; so it is very important to do advance research about your area, and make sure that it is covered by their landline service.

The optic fiber internet option

Recently, the optic fiber internet connection is getting very popular in Japan. This also needs a set up /installation work  but people are able to keep their landline number and swap their landline service to the optic fiber phone line. This service is currently cheaper than other normal landline services.

How to leave, stop temporary stop the landline service

People are able to leave, stop, and temporary stop a landline service from NTT. When you want to keep the same phone number but you want to stop using the landline, you need to choose the temporary stop option. There are some fee involved with this option. The stop option would be that you do not have to pay the monthly line rental but you loose your phone number when you restart using the line again. Meanwhile, you can keep your line ownership for next 10 years without using it. When you want to disconnect and end your landline contract, you need to contact your provider as well. Otherwise, they would deduct your monthly fee from your account.


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