One day trips from Tokyo: Yokosuka and Zushi

Today I’m going to talk about my one day trip to Yokosuka. As traveling has become harder these days, I’m rediscovering the Miura peninsula and the sights along the Keikyu line, usually a convenient one-hour trip from where I live. If you’re anywhere near Haneda airport, and want to enjoy a sunny day out, it’s one of the best options!

This time I got off at Yokosuka Chuo, near the city centre, if it can be called that, as it is a pretty sparsely populated city. Yokosuka is famous for its American military bases, and so many of the shops and restaurants there go for more of an American theme. It’s part of what sets Yokosuka apart from other Japanese cities.

A friend and I went to a hamburger place called Tsunami. Yes, not a very American name, but they serve “Yokosuka navy burgers”, or hamburgers with the name of US presidents. My friend went for a GW and I just went for a cheeseburger. I would rather not think of politicians while trying to enjoy my hamburger. Of course, it was huge, because when people think America, they think unhealthy humongous portions.

After lunch, we decided to go towards Zushi beach. Zushi is one of the most popular beaches and people often come all the way from Tokyo to enjoy a day at the beach there. We wanted to avoid big crowds though, so we decided to go to one of the nearly empty small beaches north of Zushi instead.

We tried to rent a bicycle from the city’s bicycle service, which turned out to be more of an ordeal than we thought, as we had to go to city hall, then to the fourth floor, listen to a couple of people for five minutes, read a leaflet, download an app, add payment details, and finally get the bicycle. At least it will be much easier to rent a bicycle there in the future.

We finally made it to a mostly empty beach – there were exactly six people, including us. This was the highlight of my day, as I hadn’t swum in the sea in a long time. I changed, got into the water and… two minutes into my swim, I got stung by a jellyfish. Day over, time to go home. I’ll have my revenge and have a proper day the beach some day. Some day.

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I majored in journalism in London and have been teaching English in Tokyo.
I like traveling, cycling, photography, movies, and spending time with friends.
I wrote articles about life in Japan as a foreigner and anything that I might find interesting.
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